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The state of California has very strict legislation regarding domestic violence. If someone calls 911 claiming that you have committed an act of domestic violence, the police will treat this situation as a crime in progress and be dispatched to the scene.

If you have been accused or arrested for domestic violence, contact the law office of the Stockton criminal attorney immediately.

The definition of domestic violence is any sort of assault between family members, couples, separated individuals with children together, and domestic partners. This assault does not have to be physical, but could be in the form of emotional abuse or an attempt at physical abuse. Stalking, kidnapping, as well as verbal exchanges can be charged as domestic violence.

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A conviction for misdemeanor domestic violence will result in a year in county jail and a fine. If a specific crime is so violent that injuries were sustained, the arrestee can be charged with a felony domestic violence crime. If convicted of such a charge, you will be sentenced to time in prison. You could lose any custody of your children, be forbidden to possess a firearm, be subject to warrantless search and seizure, as well as many other consequences. And if you work in law enforcement official, you will more than likely risk losing your job.

In the state of California, a person can still be charged with domestic violence even if an accuser changes their story.

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