Weapons Charges

If you or someone you know is facing a weapons charge, contact the Stockton criminal attorney immediately to begin evaluating your case.

Many clients are confused as to why they are being brought on an illegal weapons charge, especially if they didn’t have a gun. While weapons charges do apply to guns, they can also apply to any other object used in an illegal manner. A weapons charge could be applied to a crime where a bat or a chair was used to throw at someone during an assault—this could be considered assault with a deadly weapon.

The state of California considers weapons charges to count as enhanceable offenses, which indicates that the involvement of a weapon during a crime will automatically increase the amount of punishment you face. For example, a robbery charge will be increased to armed robbery if you used a gun or some other weapon.

The Stockton criminal attorney has many years of experience representing cases of all types of weapons charges, especially gun charges. Clients should understand that a gun charge is the only excuse a prosecutor needs to charge them with a felony crime and put them in state prison.

But not every gun charge is necessarily within the context of a crime. Those cases of clients with gun licenses who may have improperly discharged a firearm for instance, can still get into a lot of trouble without the help of an experienced attorney.

Even if you committed a crime with a weapon, the Stockton criminal attorney can still help. Contact us today for an immediate consultation.