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Embezzlement is the legal term for any financial fraud committed by an employee involving official business funds for personal gain. Simply put, embezzlement is employee theft and will be prosecuted as such under California state law. If you have been arrested for embezzlement or are under investigation for an embezzlement crime in the Stockton area, contact the Stockton criminal attorney immediately.

Embezzlement cases range from minor credit card fraud to stealing large sums of money. Many clients make the mistake of attempting to falsify records to conceal any wrongdoing. In some cases this can actually help the prosecution build a stronger case against them if an investigation has been ongoing. If you believe that you may have committed the crime of embezzlement, it is in your best interest to stop whatever it is you are doing and speak to the Stockton criminal attorney immediately.

Our Stockton Criminal Attorney Provides Strong Negotiation

Most embezzlement cases can be negotiated out of court with minimal damage to the criminal record and the reputation of the defendant. The Stockton criminal attorney will attempt to make a deal with the prosecution and the business in question to return whatever funds were stolen in exchange for the dropping of the criminal charges.

For those cases that do make it to trial, the Stockton criminal attorney will make every effort to cast doubt on the validity of the charges. In order to reach a conviction, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was the specific individual who committed the crime.

If you have been arrested or believe that you are under investigation for committing the crime of embezzlement, contact the law offices of the Stockton criminal attorney immediately for your consultation today.