Violent Crime

If you or your loved one has been accused of a violent crime in the Stockton area, contact the law office of the Stockton criminal attorney immediately to begin discussions about the defense for your case.

The Stockton criminal attorney can represent any case of violent crime such as: homicide, domestic violence, simple assault, aggravated assault, vehicular manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, and much more.

A violent crime could be charged either as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the severity of violence, any injuries involved, any weapons involved, and the offender’s criminal history.

For more serious crimes such as rape or robbery, the consequences for a conviction could land you in state prison for many years without the possibility of parole. When you are facing a charge for a violent crime, it is imperative to appoint a knowledgeable criminal attorney that has experience handling both felony and misdemeanor cases.

For felony offenders, it is important to be aware of California’s Three Strikes law, which aims to put those individuals convicted of multiple felonies in prison for many years or for the rest of their lives. At the law office of the Stockton criminal attorney, our criminal defense team understands just what is at stake if a conviction is reached. We will work aggressively and use every bargaining chip available to either decrease your charges or minimize your punishment.

If you have been charged for a violent crime, the Stockton criminal attorney can help. Contact our criminal defense firm today for an immediate consultation.