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Stockton Drug Crimes Attorney

California’s drug policies are meant to make an example of drug offenders. The state of California has enacted mandatory minimum laws for certain crimes that stipulate the amount of time a convicted drug offender must serve if found guilty of a specific drug crime. If you or your loved one has been arrested for a drug crime in the Stockton area, contact the Stockton criminal attorney to discuss your case today.

The Stockton criminal defense firm can represent any case of drug criminal activity such as:

Our Stockton Criminal Attorney Handles All Degrees of Crimes

Some drug charges are simple misdemeanors while others will be charged as felonies. In some cases, a drug crime will violate both federal and state laws, and sometimes be exempt as a crime under state law, but punishable by federal standards (e.g. marijuana). Drug manufacturing and drug trafficking cases typically fall under the jurisdiction of the federal court system.

No matter what type of drug charge you are facing, you need the best attorney possible to guide you through the complicated trial process that will ensue. An experienced attorney will investigate the actions of the law enforcement officials involved in your arrest, with the knowledge that police missteps are grounds to get your charges dropped.

If you are your loved one has been arrested for a drug crime, contact the law offices of the Stockton criminal attorney today to discuss your drug crimes case.