Traffic Violations

If you have received a ticket for a traffic violation, you have put yourself ahead of most people in the state of California just by reading this site. Most people that have received a ticket for a traffic violation will just pay the fine and forget about it, thinking that the consequences have stopped there. But the truth is that receiving a ticket for a minor traffic violation could result in unforeseen consequences. For this reason, you should contact the law office of the Stockton criminal attorney to minimize the damage your violation could do to your driving record.

The Stockton criminal attorney can represent any traffic violation as:

Certain traffic violations are considered criminal, while others are just civil infractions. DUI of course, is a criminal charge. But even more minor traffic offenses can result in serious consequences. If you are ticketed for reckless driving or speeding, the DMV could decide to suspend your driving privileges. Remember that the DMV is its own government agency and has the power to do what it will. Traffic violations will also show on your driving record and will more than likely result in higher car insurance rates. Over time, these rates can cost you thousands of dollars that you would not have had to pay otherwise.

If you are facing a traffic violation case, contact us at the law office of the Stockton criminal attorney today to discuss your case.